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The best relation ever is b/w 2 eyes

 The best relation ever is b/w 2 eyes 

"They blink together" 
"Move together" 
"Cry together" 
"See together" 

"sleep together" 
"They never c each othr directly 

whn they see a girl 
"one will blink 

othr will not. 

A Girl can break any kind of relationship.


Boy to girl before exam

  Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the best

 Girl: All the best to you too
 But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed
 Moral: Only boys wish with true heart.

Always Take Risks!

Ship is always Safe at the Shore
Bt it is not Built 4 it!
So,don't Limit Urself and Always Take Risks!
Success Is Beyond The Risks...


Jis ka raabta

"Jis ka raabta
"Allah" ke saath ho wo naakaam naheen hota"

"Naakaam wo
hota hai Jis ki
duniya walon se
waabsta hon"

I am NOTHING without

The Most Hmbl Statement ..

"I am NOTHING without ALLAH."

the Most Powerful Statement is..

"With ALLAH, I can do EVERYTHING!"

Mistakes are painful but

Mistakes are painful but years later a collection of mistakes

called "Experience" Leads us to "Success" So dont be Afraid of "Mistakes"


Falling in love is when

Falling in love is when she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams.

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